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Our Sourcing Team of Recruiters:
The face of recruitment has evolved over time. Sourcing techniques are now used to find that “working or passive candidate” you may be seeking.
Sourcing is many times used to refer to highly specialized talent searches. For example, a company might be looking for an individual with a background in mechanical engineering who understands object oriented programming. Recruiting and sourcing professionals understand how to source this specialized talent through a variety of means.
Our sourcing professionals have a comprehensive understanding of Internet sourcing tactics. We will mine candidate lists from the Internet and also source talent from competing companies. To ascertain the best keywords and background to look for, a solid understanding of the job requirements is necessary.
Effective sourcing, therefore, requires a much deeper understanding of the industry and job order that they are working on rather than simply looking at clusters of resume keywords.
To source candidates productively, our experienced sourcing professionals know the best places to look for great talent and the kind of experience to look for in individual resumes. We can provide a team of Highly Skilled Sourcing Recruiters to assist you in your search for the best qualified candidate.
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