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Direct Hire
Service First Staffing charges you a fee for placing the employee directly onto your payroll. The fee is based on the candidate’s first-year salary. If you choose not to hire one of our candidates, there is never a fee to you. You are under no obligation to hire one of the candidates we send you, even after you have interviewed the candidate. We can narrow the potential pool of applicants so you don’t have to waste time on undesirable candidates, skills testing, and paperwork, you make the final decision.
Contract to Hire
Contract to Hire employees work for a client for a trial period during which both the employee and the client consider establishing a “permanent” employment relationship. Once the candidate successfully completes the trial contract period, you can bring them on to your payroll at no additional fee.
We offer our own employees and assign them to support or supplement a client’s work force to keep fully staffed during busy times, gain special expertise or staff special projects, or fill temporary vacancies. Employees are recruited, screened, and assigned to meet your specific staffing needs.
We place your employees who are recruited or hired by the client on our payroll. The staffing company becomes the employer of record and is responsible for taxes, payroll administration, all legal matters pertaining to employing workers, benefits, and other human resource functions.
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