Maintenance Technician

Contract to Hire in Maintenance , in Manufacturing , in Skilled Trades
  • Apply Before : January 5, 2024

Job Detail

  • Job Location Cudahy, WI
  • Starting Salary $27.00-$35.00 per hour
  • Experience 8 Years +
  • Hours per week 40 - 50 Hours
  • Work Hours - Shift 1st Shift
  • Start Date 23-10-18
  • Search by Office Wisconsin Rapids

Job Description

Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Plan, prioritize, schedule & manage maintenance activities to rectify breakdowns, malfunctions & minimize business disruptions.
  • Implement PM’s process of scheduled maintenance inspection program while maintaining schedules of all machines to minimize downtown.
  • Run Mondays report every 2 weeks of outstanding items and forward them to the Plant Manager.
  • Review, repairs as needed, and update documentation Mondays Work Orders daily.
  • Monitor, repair and follow up with contractors as needed on all cranes, lifting devices and chains.
  • Ensure forklifts and scissor lifts are in working order for production.
  • Develop and implement repair and maintenance procedures, monitor the cost and effectiveness of activities to optimize resources, prioritize spending and achieve timeliness, reliability, and safety standards.
  • Perform skilled maintenance and repair services on facility, system, and equipment.
  • Conduct periodic inspection to evaluate requests for repair.
  • Prioritize spending and waste.
  • Organizes maintenance manuals for preventative maintenance schedules to plan for equipment malfunctions.
  • Offer technical support on equipment from knowledge obtained through past or current training or through researched knowledge.
  • Achieve timeliness, reliability, and safety standards.
  • Perform skilled maintenance and repair services on facility, systems, and equipment.
  • Learn new equipment and stay current with old equipment to train and minimize cost while reducing own time of machines.
  • Keep all training current
  • Research new equipment and possible travel to vendors to review equipment.
Qualifications and Education Requirements:
  • Ability to determine cost effective strategies to maintain facility.
  • An in-depth knowledge of various trades.
  • Ability to trouble shoot electrical, hydraulic and mechanical issues.
  • OSHA rules and understanding.
  • Be organized, detail oriented, and capable of handling personal interactions with all departments.  Work on assignments with little supervision.
  • Must have a good attitude and be highly motivated.
  • Adhere to all company and safety policies.
  • Communicate with others.
  • Clean and maintain work area.
  • Operate within standard operating procedures.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills required combined with accuracy and attention to details.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Required skills

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