Furnace Operator-Pleasant Prairie

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  • Apply Before : September 1, 2024

Job Detail

  • Job Location Pleasant Prairie
  • Starting Salary $19.00 per hour
  • Experience 2 Years
  • Hours per week 40 Hours
  • Work Hours - Shift 6pm to 6am (12 hour PM shift)
  • Start Date 24-06-10
  • Search by Office Racine / Kenosha

Job Description

The requirements for a Furnace Operator fall into two distinct and separate categories.
• The ability to mechanically operate the continuous Hardening + Tempering Furnace.
• The ability to successfully recognize and produce quality product.

Mechanical Operation:

Coil handling – Crane operation, forklift operation, manual handling of 40 – 60 lb. coils
Correct loading of Pay-off section of Furnace – correct material, matched coil sizes
Preparation of steel and transition elements to ensure timely welding for continuous operation.
Spot welding procedures
Correct operation of various Furnace components to ensure smooth transition of welds from Pay-off to Take-up ends of Furnace.
Includes: strip handling equipment, strip cleaning station tension stands, molten metal quench, leveling furnace, polisher, line speed controls.
Correct preparation of finished goods (product) at the Take-up end of the Furnace
Includes: banding, removing, weighing and proper labeling of coils

Production and documentation of a quality product:
Read and comprehend detailed product specifications and production “recipes”
Preparation and maintenance of documentation including recording of operating parameters, inspection results, production log and coil identification
Correctly perform documented procedures for coil sampling, inspection and documentation of results.
Ability to recognize “out-of-spec” conditions and take the appropriate corrective action.

Required skills

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