Utility Operator

Full time in Manufacturing

Job Detail

  • Job Location Manitowoc, WI
  • Starting Salary $15-$19/Hr.
  • Qualifications Diploma
  • Hours per week 40 Hours
  • Work Hours - Shift 1st Shift
  • Search by Office Manitowoc

Job Description

– Operation and set-up of wire winding machines consists of transferring wire from shipping spools to bobbins suitable for use in braiding machines.
– Operator must ensure proper tension is maintained in the transfer operation through attention given to the machine beak lube system and compensation devices and maintain the condition of the bobbins prior to winding.
– Operator is responsible for material expediting related to the job.
– Operation and set-up of the horizontal braiding machine consists of the physical transfer of full bobbins to the braider deck.
– The removal of the empty bobbins from the braider deck, and the splicing operation required during the transfer.
– Adjustment to the tooling will be necessary to ensure proper coverage and dimension, visual attention must be give to the gears, gauges, wire detectors, lapel generator and coil operation of payouts and take-up is required.
– Operative personnel will be responsible for the quality and productivity of assignment.
– Responsible for the operation and set-up of the rubber cover and cure line
– Responsible for all material scheduling and material flow through the rubber cover and cure line
– Responsible for extruder, laser mics, printer, ovens, cooling equipment, payout, and take-ups
– Responsible for the quality and productivity of the rubber cover and cure line
– Monitor the rubber cover and cure line while Extruder Technician is on break or fulfilling other duties.
– Share responsibility with the Technician for the quality and productivity of the cover and cure line
– Remove hose from the extruder and cure line storage reel, cut out any obvious defects, coil good hose on to packaging reel and monitor footage meter, stretch wrap finished reel
– All irregularities in cover and cure or inspect and package processes will be reported to the Supervisor

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