Job Detail

  • Job Location Long Haul, Regional and Local
  • Starting Salary .45/mile to .55/mile
  • Hours per week 40+ Hours
  • Search by Office Wisconsin Rapids

Job Description

OTR Driver (Long Haul, Regional and Local)
Long haul truck drivers drive truck and trailer combination vehicles over long distances to deliver products or materials. They oversee freight loading, ensure that freight weight limits are not exceeded, and properly secure the freight to prevent damage.
Current need is a flat bed driver (extra .05 cents per mile)!   Hours: up to 14 hour days (cannot exceed 11 hours of driving-additional hours if help is needed unloading but that is a very small % of the time).
Pay: Average driver is earning .45-.55 cents per mile
Top driver is earning $115,000/yr.
Extensive Bonus program (attached). Guaranteed 10,000 miles per month!
  • Minimum of 2 years driving experience
  • Must meet all Federal Motor Carrier guidelines
  • Must have a valid commercial driver license with proper endorsements, or Chauffeur license (where applicable) in state of residence.
  • No current license suspension or revocation
  • A work permit is not acceptable-No serious or disqualifying traffic violations within the last 3 years as follow:
Must be 23 years old. (Drivers 25 years old and older are encouraged).
Additional information:
  • All trucks are Freightliner or International and are no more than 5 years old.
  • Trucks are all automatic
  • Trucks all have refrigerators
  • Trucks have inverters to power T.V., laptop, etc
  • Trucks have GPS systems.
  • Transport Goods and Materials
  • The central duty of long-haul truck drivers is operating a tractor-trailer to deliver goods and materials around the country. This requires both the ability to successfully and safely operate and maneuver a large vehicle and a high level of physical and mental stamina due to the long hours of the work.
  • Long-haul truck drivers typically make deliveries and pickups that can involve cross-country driving, usually on a strict schedule. Plan Routes and Schedules-Long-haul truck drivers plan routes and driving schedules, using GPS technology to outline routes and determine the number of miles they can cover in a day. As part of this process, long-haul truck drivers also have to consider factors such as weight limits, hazardous materials regulations, weather, and traffic.
  • Maintain Driving Records-Another important aspect of this job is maintaining detailed records of both materials picked up and delivered, along with tolls paid and other expenses while on the road. Additionally, long-haul truck drivers maintain records of stops, keeping detailed records of miles driven, especially if the driver is paid on a per-mile basis.
  • Coordinate Activities with Dispatchers-Finally, long-haul truck drivers work closely with dispatchers and other logistics professionals while planning and driving their routes. This can involve providing updates on delivery timelines, routes, total mileage, and breaks each day. In cases where long-haul truck drivers make a pickup after a delivery, they log this information, updating dispatchers to ensure that delivery schedules and timelines are maintained. Inspect and Maintain Vehicles
  • This includes ensuring that all materials are securely loaded and packed, as well as conducting regular maintenance, inspections, and emergency repairs. Drivers also report any accidents or delays to their supervisors and keep detailed records of vehicle maintenance, inspections, and repairs to ensure that their trucks remain safe and legal to drive.
Why work here?
  • Generous Bonus Program (see attached)
  • Drive trucks not older than 5 yrs old (all are Freightliners & International)
  • Trucks are all automatic
  • 401K with 3% match!!
  • Health, Dental, Vision, Life
  • Ride a long program and you can have pets
  • $20 monthly cell phone reimbursement
  • Family business – if you need to be home for something (i.e. kids birthday) you will be home. However, company can’t control weather or truck breakdown but you will be home!
  • $100/month to keep your truck clean.
This is a great opportunity for an OTR driver to get home on weekends!  Go out Sunday usually back by Wednesday or early Thursdays!

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